CBD Oils vs. CBD Capsules: Which Should You Try?

Step one of starting out with CBD is finding the perfect product; one that ticks every box, from flavour through to bioavailability. CBD capsules and CBD oils are loved by beginners and pros alike – but how do you choose between the two? We’re here to make it easy with a breakdown of their differences...

Cannaray CBD Day time Oil

1. Flavour

First up: flavour. If you like your supplements totally taste-free, our CBD Capsules are your go-to. There’s no risk that you won’t like the flavour because, well, there isn’t a flavour.

However, if you enjoy subtly-citrusy tinctures with a hint of coconut, the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops are going to enhance your self-care routine. You’ll also enjoy our peppermint-flavoured Night Time CBD Oil Drops; perfect for applying just after brushing your teeth in the evening.